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Wolf Strategic Advice, LLC is different. Better. Experienced. I know the specialists, can build the teams and help you make sense of the challenges that are facing your child. Think of me as your coach, mentor and friend.

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Kelly Raclin Miller, MA

I am the mother of a son who has different needs. Originally from Chicago, my husband and I relocated to Atlanta for the best possible school and services for our boy. After 8 years there, our son is thriving and we are back in Dallas, Texas. Our home away from home. My background includes television production (CNN's Larry King Live, CBS and PBS) as well as public relations, specifically crisis management. However, raising this child has brought me to my true purpose. Helping families through challenges.

I have an undergraduate degree from St. Lawrence University in political science and a Master's of Psychology (child and family focused) from the Chicago School of Professional Psychology. I am also a certified life coach. 

Enough about me...let's talk about you and how we can make it all work. 



Welcome. I like to tell people that I have been at the rodeo for over 14 years now...that bucking, crazy, fall off your horse, but get back on, rodeo of raising kids. And sometimes the life we wanted for our children doesn't go as planned. Problems arise and we can become overwhelmed. Whether it is academic, mental health, behavioral problems, substance abuse or simply the need for a different school environment, let me help. I can make sense of it all.

I have visited the programs, met the professionals, interviewed the therapists and found the experts. Let me be your guide in the process. I hope to pass on my experience, knowledge and hopefully a bit of humor, too!

Now, let's get to work, cut through the red tape and make YOU your child's best advocate and ultimately, their hero.


Life throws many surprises at us, and while we cannot predict the outcome of any situation, we can control how we respond. My mission at Wolf Strategic Advice is to guide families with information and strength. Furthermore, I give you my word that if I cannot help your family, together we will find someone who can.


Educational and Therapeutic Consulting  

Parent Coaching

Adult Therapeutic Placement

Private Case Management

Boarding School Specialist

Wilderness and Residential Placement

Helping you maintain a sense of sanity and humor in the eye of the storm.

Disclaimer: Hiring Wolf Strategic Advice does not promise and/or guarantee admission to any program or educational institution. Furthermore, outcomes cannot be guaranteed. 

Whatever you’re struggling with, I’m here to help you and your family. Contact me to find out more.



I am here. Let's talk.

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